Lower Vítkovice - fun for the whole family

1/8 2018

The Lower Vítkovice area is the most visited tourist attraction in the Czech Republic outside Prague. The unique industrial area attracts tourists from around the world and welcomed 1.5 million visitors last year. The blast furnace, the Bolt Tower with a view of the whole of Ostrava, exhibitions and the cultural quarter Hlubina, offer an all-day programme.


Lower Vítkovice - fun for the whole family

Early evening view of Lower Vítkovice in the foreground with the Gong auditorium and the illuminated Bolt Tower in the background. Photo: Boris Renner

The industrial site, which produced iron and mined coal between the years 1828 and 1998, has become an educational, social and cultural centre that is unparalleled in Europe. A great attraction is the guided tour of the blast furnace, where you will be acquainted with iron production step by step, pass the place where iron was melted at temperatures of up to about two thousand degrees, and go through a lift which transported the raw materials to the blast furnace. From the Bolt Tower, which was christened and opened by the world’s most famous sprinter, Usain Bolt, visitors have a unique view of Ostrava.

Science and Technology Centre presents science and technology in a playful form. U6 Science and Technology Centre, on the other hand, reveals the secrets of technical inventions from the steam engine to the most modern robotic workplaces. Visitors can see a number of inventions that significantly influenced the development of industry in the Czech Republic and in the world. Expositions are interactive, and every visitor can try out and touch the technical inventions.  

The gasholder from 1924 has been transformed by the architect Josef Pleskot into the Gong multifunctional auditorium, which houses the museum of optical art and dynamic constructivism of Milan Dobeš. Concerts and conferences take place in the upper halls of the Gong.  

Part of Lower Vítkovice is the Hlubina area with its architecturally interesting reconstructed industrial buildings, which has become a cultural centre sought after especially by young artists. Exhibitions and concerts are held in Hlubina. An interesting attraction is the fountain with underwater sculptures.

The Lower Vítkovice area is open all year round.