Organization and management of the city

Management of the city

The status and powers of the City government are defined in Act no. 128/2000 on municipalities (the Municipalities Act) and in subsequent amendments to the Act. According to the Act, the Statutory City of Ostrava is a public corporation having the status of a municipality with extended powers, which the Statutory City of Ostrava exercises on behalf of the towns of Klimkovice, Šenov and Vratimov and the municipalities of Čavisov, Dolní Lhota, Horní Lhota, Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí, Zbyslavice, Olbramice, Vřesina, Václavovice and Velká Polom; these towns and municipalities, together with the City of Ostrava, form a single administrative unit.
The City of Ostrava is divided into 23 Municipal Districts.The Association of Mayors of Municipal Districts is constituted by the Assembly in order to facilitate communication and operations between the bodies of the City and those of its Municipal Districts.
The management of the City operates on two levels. On the first level there are the City bodies, i.e. the City Assembly, the City Council, the Mayor, the City Authority and the City Police Force. On the second level, that of the Municipal Districts, are the District bodies: assemblies, councils, mayors and authorities.
The division of powers between the bodies of the City and those of the Municipal Districts is defined in the City’s General Directive no. 10/2022 and in subsequent amendments and addenda – the Statute of the City of Ostrava.As part of the delegated powers conferred on the Statutory City of Ostrava, the City carries out activities in state administration as defined in relevant laws, its powers extending to health care, education, social services, urban planning, building regulation, the registration of births, deaths and marriages, business registration, land management, road management, water management and environmental management.
Decision-making in City matters is entrusted entirely to the elected local governmental bodies of the City and its Municipal Districts.
Decisions in areas of delegated powers, in matters of state administration, are carried out by employees of the City Authority and Municipal District authorities whose professional competence is attested to by specialist examinations.