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19 10 2018

Ostrava has the most modern CNG filling station in the Czech Republic

The largest and most modern filling station for CNG (compressed natural gas) in the Czech Republic was commissioned by the Ostrava Transport Company in Hranečník garages. This is another step towards the greening of public transport in the city.

18 10 2018

New car parks to relieve the centre of Ostrava

Hundreds of new parking spaces will be built near the City Centre. In the wider centre, there will be traffic changes and restrictions in the first quarter of next year, contributing to greater protection for residents.  The currently free parking spaces will be reserved for the "A" and "R" card holders.

17 10 2018

Ostrava coordinated the largest exposition in the history of Expo Real

From 8 to 10 October, Munich hosted the 21st Annual Expo Real, the prestigious international trade fair for real estate and investment. This year's Czech presentation was the largest in the history of Expo Real. The entire Czech exposition was coordinated by Ostrava.