Industrial Zones

Areas for the development of light industry and logistics


Ostrava - Mošnov Industrial Zone 


The Ostrava-Mošnov Industrial Zone represents a unique opportunity for investors thanks to its strategic location next to Ostrava’s international airport, with excellent access to the railway network and a major international motorway.

The City of Ostrava currently offers 59,7 ha of land at the Mošnov Development Area, which is available for sale to investors.



Ostrava - Hrabová Industrial zone 

The Ostrava-Hrabová Industrial Zone is a strategic development location where numerous companies are based. The main owner of the land is CTP. The investments at the zone play a crucial role in supporting Ostrava’s economy and labour market. The total area of land with infrastructure at the zone is 115 ha.



Development zone Ostrava - Hrušov


Industrial zone in preparation

Hrušov is yet another industrial zone that is being developed in the city. The zone covers an area of almost 35 ha and is located on the outskirts of the city with a direct connection the D1 highway and a major railway line. In 2018, the City concluded a purchase contract with the investor Contera Management. Currently there is a close cooperation between the City and the investor so that the zone is ready as quickly as possible and can serve its purpose.


Other industrial parks:


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