Development zone for light industry and logistic

Hrusov_mapThe Hrušov zone covers an area of almost 35 ha and is located near the Odra River and the D1 motorway, bounded by Bohumínská Road, the Ostrava-Bohumín rail line, and the landfill site run by Ostrava’s waste management company OZO, s.r.o. The Hrušov zone is a ‘social brownfield’; it is not a former industrial site, but was previously an area of residential blocks used by workers at the local factories. These blocks functioned until the Velvet Revolution in 1989, but they were later abandoned, and the Hrušov district gradually became depopulated. The district’s decline culminated with the devastating floods of 1997.

In order to find a new use for this former residential district, a hydrogeological survey was conducted and the area was found to be free of pollution and ecological burdens. Comprehensive flood defences were built, and in April 2009 the site was officially declared safe for future construction projects. The work must be completed before any construction can begin at the site; full documentation has already been submitted (December 2012) for the necessary zoning changes to be made, which will enable a change of land use. In June 2010 the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s interdepartmental working committee approved subsidy funding of 1 547 million CZK.

The City of Ostrava owns 100% of the land at the site.

With Ostrava’s existing industrial zones almost full to capacity, the Hrušov development zone represents a unique opportunity especially for SMEs to build their businesses in the city. The advantages of the zone include its excellent transport links; it is located right next to the D1 motorway and a major railway line, offering easy access to other Czech regions, Poland and Slovakia. It is zoned for light industry, warehousing/storage and small-scale production; residential developments are not permitted. When complete, the zone is expected to create at least 700 new jobs.

Currently, a call for tender for the implementation of an investment project in the Hrušov development zone was published - more information and challenges are available to HERE