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Industrial Zones

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The Mošnov Development Area represents a unique opportunity for investors thanks to its strategic location next to Ostrava’s international airport, plus excellent access to the railway network and a major international motorway. The Development Area is an ideal location for a wide range of modern, hi-tech commercial activities with a strong export focus. We particularly welcome investments which will develop cooperation with local producers and suppliers.

Part of the Mošnov Development Area is the Ostrava-Mošnov Strategic Industrial Zone (SIZ). The SIZ covers an area of 200 hectares, with the land owned by the City of Ostrava. The zone is state-supported and fully accredited by the Czech government’s CzechInvest agency.

Mošnov Development Area – information leaflet

Location of the Development Area:

The Development Area is situated 25 km south of Ostrava city centre and offers excellent transport links via road, rail and air. It includes an enterprise zone for SMEs covering an area of 30 hectares, as well as a range of office space to let.


The Ostrava-Mošnov Strategic Investment Zone covers an area of 200 hectares.
The entire Development Area has 164 hectares of land designated for sale to investors.

Technical infrastructure:

The Ostrava-Mošnov Strategic Investment Zone already has complete technical infrastructure. Additionally, the Moravian-Silesian Region has built a rail link to the adjacent Leoš Janáček Ostrava International Airport. The new link connects the airport to the municipality of Sedlnice, continuing to Studénka where it joins the main railway corridor from Ostrava to Prague or Brno. The link features a modern passenger terminal connected to the airport departure hall via a walkway; both the terminal and the walkway are completely covered for all-weather passenger comfort. The rail link can also be used by investors at the Development Zone.

Companies have already invested 10.40 billion CZK at the Ostrava-Mošnov Strategic Industrial Zone, creating 2 959 new jobs (data as of 31 December 2016).

A water retention reservoir is being built for investors as part of Phase II of the Ostrava-Mošnov Strategic Investment Zone; the reservoir covers an area of 2 860 m2. A related project is constructing bus stops at the Behr and Hyundai Mobis factories.

Investors in the Zone:

(Germany, the automotive industry) – the manufacture of air-conditioning units and coolers
Tel.: 556 312.711

(South Korea, the automotive industry) – the manufacture of plastic parts
Tel.: 552 303 805

Hyundai Mobis
(South Korea, the automotive industry) -  car components producer and exclusive supplier for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech 
Tel.: 558 488 442

Cromodora Wheels
(Italy, the automotive industry) – the manufacture of cast wheels
Tel.: 597 471 574

Free Zone Ostrava
(Czech republic, duty free zone services)
Tel.: 597 471 536

HB Reavis Group
(Slovakia, Real Estate developer)

Vítkovice - výzkum a vývoj - technické aplikace a.s.
(Czech Republic, development of special alloys and new-generation materials)

The Ostrava-Mošnov Stategic Industrial Zone is ready to help you get started as soon as possible:

  • Land owned by the City of Ostrava
  • Located near the Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport, with access to the runway, with excellent parameters (length 3,5km, bearing capacity PCN 50/RAXT) (http://www.airport
  • Infrastructure under preparation (roads, electric power, gas, water, sewerage, telephones)
  • On site customs services and free zone
  • Direct connection to Czech Railways network, the R48 expressway and the  D1 highway
  • Integrated with Ostrava’s regional and municipal transportation systems
  • Located 25km south of the centre of Ostrava, the regional capital, with more than 1.2 million inhabitants
  • Large available labour pool



City of Ostrava
Department of Strategic Development
Prokešovo nám. 8
729 30 Ostrava
Phone: +420 599 443 382


Company for Airport Utilisation
Ostrava-Mošnov, a.s.
742 51 Mošnov
Phone: +420 597 471 300





The Ostrava-Hrabová Industrial Zone is a strategic development locality for the City of Ostrava. Projects in the zone have got the fundamental importance for higher economic attractiveness of the city and job creation. The total area of the land equipped with the infrastructure within the industrial zone is 115 hectares.

As of 31 December 2016, investors at the zone had invested a total 16.7 billion CZK and created 7 788 new jobs. Hrabová is one of the most successful industrial zones in the Czech Republic, and it has won a number of prestigious awards.


The zone is located at the southern edge of the city, directly along one of the best access roads in the region - I/56 Ostrava - Frýdek-Místek, which later connects to the D1 to Prague and Brno, as well as Poland, Slovakia and Austria. The region itself has a strong educational base, providing investors with the people they need to make their projects work.


Current area of the industrial zone: 115 ha
The commercial zone: 15 ha 

Technical Infrastructure:

The technological infrastructure of the industrial zone ensures satisfactory capacities of water, gas, heat, and power supplies for the current investors, and for the extended 40 hectare area.

The transport infrastructure ensures the capacity connection with the fast traffic road I/56 in the direction towards the Centre of Ostrava and towards Frýdek-Místek and Příbor. The industrial zone is served by two regular public transport lines.

Investors in the Zone:

CTP Invest, s.r.o.
(Netherlands, developer company)
(GE Money Multiservis, CTS Corporation, Goodyear, UPS, Ringier Print, Henniges Automotive, ABB Robotics, Rossignol, Blackmer, ITT etc. )
Phone: 596 711 627

PEGATRON Czech s.r.o. (successor of ASUS Czech s.r.o.)
(Taiwan, the computing technology) – the manufacture and assembly of PCs

Phone: 596 766 111

SungWoo Hitech, s.r.o.
(South Korea, the automotive industry) – the manufacture of car body parts
Phone: 595 701 502


City of Ostrava
Department of Strategic Development
Prokešovo nám. 8
729 30 Ostrava
Phone: +420 599 443 382


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