Nightlife and fun in Stodolní and elsewhere

Ostrava is becoming more and more known as a pleasant centre of rich cultural events and leisure. These activities occur mostly in the area of the legendary Stodolní St. which “never sleeps”.

The development in university education, especially in humanities, significantly contributed to the recovery of cultural life in Ostrava after 1990. The need for mutual meetings, discussions and presentations of the first literary, artistic and musical attempts led to the creation of the cult club Black Spider (Černý pavouk). It quickly became a popular place for young Ostrava artists and intellectuals. Other “competing” clubs were founded nearby shortly afterwards and each of them provides for its own specific atmosphere.


Whether you are looking for a little jazz or rock, dance clubs, karaoke, casinos, bowling, billiards, or just a quiet place to have a drink, you’ll find it all on today’ s Stodolní Street. Known around the Czech Republic as the “Street that Never Sleeps”, Stodolní’s reputation is growing all over Europe.

And there are a lot of other great off-Stodolní clubs in and around Ostrava, in a wide variety of styles, and with the same great atmosphere.