Houses of culture

Community and culture centres

Houses of culture also offer rich programmes. They are often visited by theatres and musical orchestras and bands both from other cities and from abroad. They organise exhibitions, concerts, balls, fashion shows, theatre performances, workshops, and company presentations. Many hobby clubs and activities for both children and adults also find a home here.

The Centre of Culture and Education

CKVThe Ostrava Centre of Culture and Education today includes several independent sections, located in Moravian Ostrava and Přívoz. Each of them has a slightly different focus, while offering dozens of cultural and educational programmes and courses.
The sections include the Gama House of Culture, the Sokolská 26 Gallery, the Parník Club and the Atlantic Club, as well as the Minikinokavárna (Mini-Cinema Cafe), whose art house style is especially attractive to Ostrava's University and secondary school students.

Centrum kultury a vzdělávání Moravská Ostrava, p.o.

Sokolská třída 26, Moravská Ostrava
tel.: +420 596 138 821

The Ostrava-Zábřeh Akord House of Culture

DK_AkordThe Akord House of Culture organizes and hosts a wide range of cultural and social events for all age groups, including theatrical performances, concerts, balls, club events, fairy-tale preformances and exhibitions. An integral part of the House´s activities are keep-fit classes and educational courses, focusing mainly on language and music teaching. Akord provides an comperehensive range of sevices ranging from rental of the House´s modern, well-equipped halls and lounges to training sessions, congresses, interviewing facilities, presentations, and organization of social and cultural events. The capacity of the venue can be increased to 1000 people by interconnecting the individual halls and lounges.

The House of culture has its own Hotel Akord*** and a restaurant. A new relaxation zone in the Akord summer garden offers excellent play facilities for children, a pétanque court, skittles and a summer cultural festival. Nearby recreation zones include the Bělský les forest and park as well as the Ostrava-Jih water park.

Dům kultury Akord Ostrava-Zábřeh

nám. SNP 1, 700 30 Ostrava-Jih
tel.: +420 596 762 511

The Ostrava City House of Culture

DKMOASThe House of Culture of the City of Ostrava is one of the largest cultural venues in the city, and is home to the Janáček Philharmonic, Ostrava . There is also a cinema and a theatre, which regularly hosts leading theatre companies from the whole of the Czech Republic . Ostrava ’s largest concert hall is also situated inside the House, where the main part of the Janáček May International Music Festival and the International Competition of Large Brass Bands take place. The Janáček Philharmonic gives its subscription concerts there, and many performing artists are frequent guests in the House, as are popular groups. Programmes for children are also an important feature. The House hosts various social events, balls, entertainment programmes, scientific conferences and meetings. Educational courses and exhibitions are also held here.

Dům kultury města Ostravy, a.s.

28. října 124/2556, 709 24 Ostrava-Moravská Ostrava
tel.: +420 597 489 111 (+420 597 489 259)

The Poklad House of Culture

DK_PokladThe Poklad House of Culture currently focuses its cultural activities on imported theatre performances and concerts by popular music interpreters. However, the theatre hall is also used for the organisation of different conferences, workshops, symposiums, and other events for companies and schools.

Dům kultury Poklad, s.r.o.

Kopeckého 675, 708 00 Ostrava-Poruba
tel.: +420 596 915 751

The Michálkovice House of Culture

KD_MichalkoviceThe construction of the culture centre's building dates back to 1987 originally serving as one of Michálkovice's pubs near the Michal pit. Later it became a community centre for this mine. The Michálkovice House of Culture is the first and longest established community and culture centre within Ostrava city limits.

Today it belongs to Ostrava - Michálkovice public services. It features an art nouveau hall, adjacent lounges and two clubrooms. It is used for a wide range of events such as concerts, theatrical performances, balls, exhibitions, dancing lessons, meetings, civic assemblies, company presentations as well as private events of local importance.

The Michálkovice House of Culture can be found next to the Michal coal mine national monument compound, just about a hundred meters from the end of the line of trolleybuses (no. 101 and 104) and a bus. Also part of the culture centre is a restaurant "U Jana".

Kulturní dům Michálkovice

Čs.armády 101, Ostrava-Michálkovice
tel.: +420 596 231 565


RothschildThe newly reconstructed Rothschild Palace – a cultural and community centre in the heart of the Vítkovice district – is a favourite venue for concerts by renowned musicians and visiting theatrical companies. The great hall is also used for various conferences, seminars, symposiums, company events and other similar functions. The Palace has on-site parking, a gym and two bars, one with an extensive wine-list.


Mírové náměstí 160/2, 703 00 Ostrava-Vítkovice
tel.: +420 596 967 954, +420 724 125 451