September 2018

Development Newsletter!!! September 2018

The Ostrava Teardrop: An attractive site in the heart of the city is being offered for sale

The Karolina area – directly adjacent to Ostrava's historic city centre and now the location of a brand-new modern quarter – represents an outstanding opportunity for development. The City is offering for sale a premium site at Karolina; the land – which is in the shape of a teardrop – is on level ground and covers an area of almost 8 300 m2. By freeing up the land for development, the City of Ostrava is supporting a further expansion of the city centre to strengthen the links between the historic part of the centre and the modern Karolina quarter, with its residential complex, office facilities and retail/entertainment mall.



Development at the Hrušov zone will be in the hands of Contera Management

On Wednesday 19 September, Ostrava's City Assembly approved the sale of land at the Hrušov development zone to the investor Contera Management, which will pay 255 million CZK for the 35-hectare site. Contera Management has committed to build an industrial zone at the site, including essential technical infrastructure. Preparation and construction work will be split into five phases. Four potential buyers submitted bids for the zone.

The site was devastated by massive flooding in 1997, and the Hrušov area as a whole has never recovered from the damage. The City of Ostrava began buying up parcels of land at the site 12 years ago in order to acquire ownership of the entire future zone. The contract with Contera Management will mark a culmination of the City's long-term efforts to inject new life into Hrušov.

The investor has committed to create 703 new jobs within the next ten years; 200 of them will be classified as high added-value jobs. In the first phase of construction (scheduled for completion by the end of 2023), 70% of a 15-hectare section of the site will be built on. The rest of the site will be developed in a similar manner, with completion scheduled for the end of 2025.

Besides technical infrastructure, the investor will also build light industrial units for warehousing and production, as well as "flexispace" facilities (which combine warehouse space with offices and commercial premises) and units for technological development. Some of the facilities will be targeted at local SMEs. Contera Management estimates that the total volume of its investment at the site will be between 1.6 and 1.9 billion CZK.


A timeless laboratory platform to be created in Ostrava

Next week, VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava will commence the construction of a unique CPIT TL 3 building, which will include a digitized teaching production line called 'Smart Factory', premises for biomedical engineering for Home Care and modern laboratory facilities for electromobility.

It is a timeless laboratory platform for practical teaching of modern study programmes in the field of Industry 4.0, Home Care and Automotive.

The building will be packed with the latest technology: sophisticated building management system, power flow monitoring and control, and many more. Thanks to an integrated extensive network of various sensor technology systems, the new building compound will enable high-volume data transfers and large data storage.

The building together with the coexisting infrastructure is designed as a comprehensive and open learning testbed or a testing polygon of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, VŠB-TUO, also serving as a platform for inter-faculty cooperation and cooperation with important university partners, especially Brno University of technology and Czech Technical University in Prague.

The new CPIT TL3 building will include apartments for Home Care, that is, for practical application of new biomedical engineering technologies. These apartments will have permanent residents, who will be monitored in day-to-day activities. The project outputs will include new biomedical engineering solutions such as new applications of unique sensory systems for households with the related teaching of timeless methods and algorithms for processing, transfer and storage of big data, while respecting the cyber security criteria.


IT4Innovations is developing a unique tool for use in medicine

IT4Innovation National Supercomputing Centre in Ostrava has started to use the open-source software Blender developing a unique tool to display and process medical data in the form of computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.



Flying machines development centre newly opened in Ostrava

Airmobis is an international engineering studio. It provides aerodynamic calculations to European and global aircraft manufacturers and also develops an unmanned airplane – the Condor. In the middle of this year, the start-up also established a subsidiary in the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center Ostrava .



Krásnopolská project

Luxury, beauty and functionality combined in a unique residenceKrásnopolská villas in Ostrava - Poruba. The aim of the project was to create a new quality of living to the highest standards.

21 exclusive residential units are divided into three separate houses. Each apartment has a large terrace or its own front garden and a smart interior layout.  The project puts the greatest emphasis on the privacy of the owners, and therefore most apartments occupy the whole floor, giving their owners the maximum possible privacy.

Architects from the Atelier A38 studio placed the project in a quiet green environment in the vicinity of the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre and VŠB Technical University of Ostrava campus, a 3-minute drive from the University Hospital. All civic amenities are located nearby.


NATO days

Ostrava hosted the 18th NATO Days, the largest security-focused event in Europe. It offered a busy programme filled with static demonstrations and a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of independent Czechoslovakia and its armed forces. At the same time, Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport hosted the 9th annual Air Force Days of the Czech Army.

Seventeen countries took part in the event, among them France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Sweden or Spain, and, naturally, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This year, the show presented USA as a special partner. The US Army showcased the M1 Abrams battle tank and the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, plus a pair of AH-64 Apache helicopters.

This year's special was the presentation of historical military equipment, commemorating the past 100 years. In addition to dynamic and static demonstrations of military technology, visitors could also look enjoy one extraordinary cultural event. In a very original and dignified live performance, the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra and the Army of the Czech Republic commemorated the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia and its armed forces. Their combined composition of Smetana's Vltava was a unique experience.


Competition of Police horses

Ostrava hosted the twenty-first the International Meeting of Mounted Police. The competition involved show jumping, the show of a carriage drawn by four Kladrubers from the Kladruby nad Labem National Stud farm, as well as the training of service dogs. Taking place in the Comenius Park in the city centre, among the participants were municipal police teams from the Czech Republic, from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

Mounted police teams showed the public the difficult work with horses, which must be trained so that they can be deployed during interventions against public order disturbances. Riders must teach their four-legged friends how to handle stressful crowd noise, explosions or shots, and to move around in places full of obstacles.


Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava will offer an exceptional season 

The 2018/2019 concert season of the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava is stellar, without any doubt. Elite musicians have accepted the invitation to perform with the Ostrava orchestra. First of all, we must mention the three winners of the most difficult and also the most prestigious music competition – the Queen Elizabeth Competition in Brussels. Visitors can look forward to excellent pianists – Boris Giltburg (2013 winner) and the biggest Czech star Lukáš Vondráček (2016 winner), and the Latvian violinist Baita Skride (2001 winner).