Porsche Engineering Services opened its branch in Ostrava

8/11 2018

Porsche Engineering Services (PES), a provider of development services, has officially opened its branch in Ostrava yesterday. It currently employs more than 20 people, which should increase to 50 by the end of 2020. The company will focus on research and development of current automotive trends such as electromobility, autonomous driving and smart mobility.

The Ostrava branch will be working, for example, on a new project related to the infrastructure for fast charging of future electric vehicles.

"Our developers are working with the latest technologies, such as complex simulations, state-of-the-art methods of digital development and prototyping", said Miloš Polášek,the Managing Director of Porsche Engineering.

One of the reasons for the new office in Ostrava, thanks to which PES has expanded its capacities, was to be near several technical universities in the Czech Republic and in the neighbouring countries, where PES would like to find new employees.  As the new Porsche Engineering office is located in the tri-border area of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, they can hire engineers from all three countries.

Ostrava ranks among the TOP 10 most attractive cities in Europe for investment. The growth companies are coming to the city and the region, and the share of investment in innovation, research and development is increasing. Examples include strong companies with high-level innovation activities such as Hella or BROSE. As mentioned above investors appreciates the Ostrava strategic location and universities backround but also developed infrastructure, good availability of qualified workforce and full city support for meeting company´s requirements.

PES is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Porsche Engineering Group, a subsidiary of Porsche AG, a German manufacturer of sports cars. The history of providing development services to customers dates back to 1931, when Ferdinand Porsche, a native of Vratislavice nad Nisou in the Liberec Region, established his own design office. Since then, Porsche has been offering development services to clients from a number of industries.

Photo source: Porsche