Ostrava’s Smart Innovation Centre opens

27/5 2019

The multi-purpose building of the Smart Innovation Centre (SIC) in Ostrava was opened for the first time just a few days ago. The new centre will function as a science and technology park and business incubator providing support services for tech start-ups.

Ostrava’s Smart Innovation Centre opens

Source: Ostrava City Authority Archive; René Stejskal

The SIC's management company already runs two similar centres in South Moravia. Interest in the new Ostrava SIC is high, and at least half of the centre's 11 000 square metres of space should be occupied by the middle of the year.

The centre will be home to start-up companies from a wide range of industries, but the main focus will be on IT as well as on construction or energy companies developing innovative energy-saving solutions.

Two-thirds of the SIC will function as a science and technology park and business incubator. The remaining third of the building will be a multi-functional space for offices, shops and a doctor's surgery.

The SIC building is located on one of Ostrava's busiest transport arteries, just a short distance from the city centre. The area is one of the hottest development locations in the city, with a cluster of new buildings planned – including Ostrava's state-of-the-art new concert hall, a parking garage, and the "Black Cube" which will house the Regional Research Library.