Ostrava’s Medical Faculty opens a new simulation centre

21/11 2022

The Medical Faculty at the University of Ostrava has opened a new training centre at a cost of more than 250 million CZK. The centre will simulate a range of hospital situations, enabling future medics and other health care specialists to gain valuable experience before entering a real hospital environment.

Ostrava’s Medical Faculty opens a new simulation centre

Photo: The Medical Faculty at the University of Ostrava

The new centre is fully equipped to simulate a real hospital, and it will enable students to gain experience of a range of ordinary situations as well as emergency scenarios: handling emergency calls, treating an injured motorcyclist, taking blood samples, stitching wounds, dealing with a complicated delivery, or saving a patient’s life after an overdose.

Thanks to the new centre, Ostrava now has one of the most modern medical faculties in Europe and beyond, with state-of-the-art facilities that will boost the quality of practical training and enable students to gain repeated experience of various types of procedures. The simulations will be used by medics, non-medical health care students, and also experienced doctors.

Part of the centre will be used by students training to become paramedics and emergency services staff; it will include the first simulated emergency call centre in the Czech Republic. The centre will also be used by physiotherapy students and obstetricians (with a delivery simulator).