Ostrava appeared at MIPIM Cannes as part of the joint ‘Czech Cities’ exhibition

20/3 2017

For the past two decades, Ostrava had been an annual participant at MIPIM, the prestigious global real estate and investment event held in the French city of Cannes. This year, for the first time ever, the city appeared alongside Prague and Brno as part of the joint ‘Czech Cities’ presentation.

Ostrava appeared at MIPIM Cannes as part of the joint ‘Czech Cities’ exhibition

The presentation lasted from 14–17 March. Featuring the mayors and deputy mayors of all three cities, it showcased the cities to a large number of potential partners: investors, representatives of other European cities and regions, banks and financial institutions, plus a wide range of other important players in the global real estate and investment market. The exhibition was an ideal opportunity for investors to gain a complete overview of the Czech market, with a special focus on the investment opportunities offered by Ostrava, Prague and Brno.

Ostrava’s Mayor Tomáš Macura gave more details about the exhibition: “Although coordinating a joint presentation of this type is a very demanding task, we are confident that it is well worth the effort. This year’s MIPIM featured presentations by 700 different municipalities. There is growing competition among European cities to attract investment, and the cities and regions of Central Europe frequently offer very similar conditions for investors. Decisions on investment locations often depend on factors that might seem relatively minor – such as the quality of marketing campaigns. By pooling our resources with Prague and Brno and joining forces to present the Czech Republic’s investment potential and real estate market together for the first time, we could offer a far more effective message to investors. They were able to get all necessary information from a single source, and they were also able to meet with representatives of the cities and discuss their investment plans.”

Each city had its own area for meetings and discussions with potential partners. The joint exhibition offered several advantages. Ostrava used the MIPIM presentation to unveil a new range of highly attractive development locations in the heart of the historic city centre – the Karolina site, the Black Meadow (Černá Louka) complex, and the vacant lots on the west side of the central Masaryk Square. With a prime central location, these sites will boost synergies between future developments and the current functions of existing cultural, social and commercial institutions. The sites are zoned for mixed use (residential developments and civic amenities) and for heights of more than three storeys. The developments will be polyfunctional, including a range of shops, services, offices, cultural spaces, educational and sports facilities, restaurants, accommodation, health care facilities, civic venues, and more – either separately or integrated into residential (apartment) blocks. These new developments will ensure that the city centre becomes a pleasant, vibrant space not only for local people, but also for tourists and visitors.