Ostrava is offering two attractive sites for development in the heart of the city

28/5 2019

Two vacant sites in the city centre – known as the "Ostrava Teardrop" and the "Ostrava Trident" – have been offered for sale to investors. The City has recently announced a call for bids.

Ostrava is offering two attractive sites for development in the heart of the city

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At its session on Wednesday 22 May, Ostrava's City Assembly decided to sell off two pieces of land in the Karolina district of the city centre. The City has announced a call for bids by investors, with a deadline of 30 September 2019.

Mayor Tomáš Macura gave more details:

"It is our long-term goal to make Ostrava's city centre a highly attractive and popular hub for the entire region. That's why we regularly present a full range of investment opportunities at international investment events – including available land in the city centre. Few cities nowadays are in a position to offer such lucrative land to investors. And according to our information, there is plenty of interest among investors in creating the necessary infrastructure for the services sector in the city centre. We will only sell the land if investors meet all our requirements and if the proposed investment will be a high-quality development with a positive impact on the area. And we are maintaining our requirement that the "Ostrava Teardrop" should be the site of a tall building that will form a major new local landmark."

Both sites are in the very heart of the city centre, with excellent access to transport and technical infrastructure. Their location enables them to create synergies between new functions and existing facilities, which include major cultural, social and commercial institutions.

Zuzana Bajgarová, the Deputy Mayor with responsibility for investment, added:

"We are offering over 16 000 square metres of land located in the very heart of the city. An investor could build a hotel, offices, a residential development, or premises for various services. Our decision to sell the land will help us achieve our aim of completing the development of the new Karolina district, which is directly adjacent to the historic part of the city centre. And we will certainly be continuing to sell off more land in the future – we're currently preparing new calls for bids focusing on residential developments."

For the "Ostrava Teardrop", the City requires a building with at least twelve floors, and for the "Ostrava Trident" there should be at least three levels. A minimum selling price has also been set: 37 million CZK for the Teardrop, and 56 million for the Trident. The necessary land-use approvals have already been issued for both sites. If investors prefer a different type of land use, they will still have to respect the key zoning requirements and other regulations for each site.

The "Ostrava Teardrop" is a site of almost 8,300 square metres which was first identified as an ideal potential location for a tall building in the 1980s. The building (or complex of buildings) must be of a high architectural standard.

The "Ostrava Trident" is located between the Forum Nová Karolina shopping mall and the historic Triple Hall building. It covers 7,982 square metres. Development of this site will enlarge the central area of the city and help to strengthen the connections between the historic core of the city centre and the recently built Karolina district, which combines residential and commercial developments.

For details of the conditions and requirements for the sale of both sites, see the City of Ostrava's website or the official City noticeboard (number 760/2019 for the "Ostrava Teardrop" and number 756/2019 for the "Ostrava Trident".