Ostrava City Authority launches a new identity verification service using the electronic ID system

23/2 2024

The new national electronic ID system (eDoklad) makes it possible to verify citizens’ identity and other legal information electronically. The City of Ostrava has decided not to wait until the legally stipulated deadline for introducing the service, and instead has chosen to implement the electronic system as soon as possible. The City’s intention is that every official at the City Authority will be able to carry out electronic ID verifications if their work requires this.

Ostrava City Authority launches a new identity verification service using the electronic ID system

The New City Hall. Author: Ostrava City Authority

In parallel with the launch of the new service, the City of Ostrava is also completing an analysis to determine how many of its staff need to carry out identity verifications as part of their day-to-day jobs. The analysis will classify these employees into two groups: those who verify citizens’ identities in their offices and at service counters, and those who do so off-site – i.e. outside City Authority premises. This will affect the training, administrative processes and equipment needed by each employee.

Ostrava’s Mayor Jan Dohnal explained the benefits of the new system: “For many years, the City of Ostrava has sought to maximize the user-friendliness of its services to citizens – an effort that has been reflected in last year’s first-place finish in the regional category of the “User-Friendly Authority” competition. The electronic ID verification service represents another step forward in the ongoing modernization of our services, as well as expanding the range of services we provide.

A large number of contact points at the City Authority (521 service counters) are already able to carry out electronic ID verification using the eDoklad system, and the City Authority is constantly working (even during weekends) to roll out the service to other departments. In this first phase, the service is being provided at City Authority offices and service counters, and in the next phase it will be extended to include staff who work off-site. Some staff will receive brand-new equipment for this purpose.

Deputy Mayor Andrea Hoffmannová praised the speed of the roll-out: “I would like to thank everybody who has participated in the process in whatever way, as their efforts have enabled us to launch the service well in advance of the legal deadline. My thanks also go to those who are currently working on fine-tuning the system and expanding it to cover the full range of staff. This is another demonstration of how Ostrava is keen to address its citizens’ needs; one of the most effective ways of doing this is through digitalization and the introduction of new electronic technologies.

The City Authority will soon have between 500 and 600 staff who are able to work with the new eDoklad system.