Face mask vending machines in Ostrava

9/4 2020

The first vending machines selling face masks and other protective medical items were installed in Ostrava. On Tuesday the machines were stocked up with face masks, single-use sterile gloves, and disinfectant gels. They are available to the public at 21 locations throughout the city.

Face mask vending machines in Ostrava

The machine before filling at the municipal district office in Radvanice

The machines will be regularly restocked, and the range of items will be updated depending on market availability.

Aleš Boháč, the Chairman of Ostrava's Association of Mayors, welcomed the news: "I'm pleased that in these challenging times, we have been able to provide Ostrava's citizens with another way of purchasing protective items and disinfectant gel."

Four vending machines will be located in Slezská Ostrava – at the municipal district offices, outside the Bohumínská Street primary school, at the community centre in Heřmanice, and at the former fire station in Muglinov.

A further four machines will be available in Ostrava-Jih: at the district's central square, the Venuše underpass, SNP Square, and outside the Albert supermarket at the "Antonína Poledníka" tram stop.

Three municipal districts will each have two machines: Radvanice a Bartovice, Vítkovice (outside the municipal district offices and at Jiřího z Poděbrad Square), and Poruba (at Florida and Alšovo náměstí). The remaining districts will have one machine each: Polanka nad Odrou, Martinov, Stará Bělá, Svinov, Hrabová, Mariánské Hory, and Třebovice. Most of these machines will be located outside the municipal district offices, in local squares or at health centres.

Tomáš Mertlík, General Manager of Batist Medical, explained the company's contribution: "At Batist Medical our priority is protecting the health of doctors, health care professionals and the general public. These vending machines help us to reach the public and protect their health. In collaboration with municipal authorities, we have chosen strategic locations that will ensure the products are available to the largest possible numbers of people."

This easily accessible, safe and modern solution for selling protective equipment to the general public at busy strategic locations throughout Ostrava is provided by the medical goods supplier Batist Medical in conjunction with the vending machine operator Pick Up 24 hodin.

List of protective equipment vending machines in Ostrava HERE.