An architectural competition will decide on the design of a new parking garage

11/6 2019

The City of Ostrava is announcing a fresh architectural competition to decide on the design for a new parking garage that will be built on a site near the City of Ostrava Cultural Centre. The location is a highly visible and lucrative site next to the Regional Authority building.

An architectural competition will decide on the design of a new parking garage

The capacity of the garage will be at least 600 vehicles. The recommended cost of the building work (including necessary work in the immediate surroundings of the garage) is 359 million CZK. The deadline for the submission of proposals is 13 September 2019.

Deputy Mayor Zuzana Bajgarová, who is responsible for the City of Ostrava's investment policy, explained the background to the project:

"This is the sixth architectural competition announced by the City in the past three years – but it's our first competition for a parking garage. Experience from other cities in the Czech Republic and abroad shows that even a building such as this can make a real aesthetic contribution to the urban landscape – and that's why we've decided to hold a competition. The site is in a very prominent location, directly next to a major arterial road, so we're keen to ensure that this practical structure is designed to a very high architectural standard – while also freeing up the surrounding public space for other activities rather than just car parking."

The area around the planned garage suffers from a long-term lack of parking spaces – not only for local residents, but also for employees and visitors to a number of institutions in the vicinity. These include the City of Ostrava Cultural Centre, the Petr Bezruč Theatre, the social security offices, the regional tax authority offices, and the Regional Authority. Currently there is a surface-level overspill car park for around 70 vehicles at the site, accessed from Na Jízdárně St. The new parking garage will potentially offer ten times this number of spaces, creating a long-term solution to this long-term parking problem.

Zuzana Bajgarová added:

"28. října Street is a major transport artery in Ostrava, and it creates a de facto barrier. We're planning to revitalize this busy corridor to make it more appropriate for a cultivated urban environment – improving facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport passengers as well as improving the public spaces in the vicinity of the road itself. This will create an attractive boulevard which within just a few years will be lined by some major new buildings – Ostrava's new concert hall (and the completely reconstructed cultural centre next to it), the "Black Cube" academic library, and the parking garage. This entire quarter will undergo an ambitious and full-scale regeneration."

Proposed designs submitted to the competition must describe how the parking garage will be accessed from Na Jízdárně St., plus details of the parking areas and the commercial premises on the ground floor of the building facing onto 28. října St. The project must include at least 10 electric vehicle charging points.

Zuzana Bajgarová concluded:

"The winning entry will be selected by the jury no later than the end of September or the beginning of October. We plan to sign a contract with the winner to draw up complete project documentation for a maximum fee of 30 million CZK."

Condition of the architectural competition HERE.