A new film website has been launched

12/9 2012

FILM OSTRAVA!! is a project which aims to attract filmmakers to the region. As part of the project, a new website www.filmostrava.cz has been launched. The project presents and promotes Ostrava as an ideal filmmaking destination that is filmmaker-friendly and that abounds with unique and original locations.

A new film website has been launched

The pages are intended for both industry professionals who will find information about the region, the services offered and locations, as well as for movie fans (especially fans of movies in Ostrava). The fans will probably be most interested in current and past filming in Ostrava, film festivals and other news related to the topic of movies and Ostrava. Providing publicity through the promotion of filmmaking has become a debated issue, which is communicated by the CzechTourism and Czech Film Commission. It should be noted, however, that we are the first region to have such a website. Although still in its infancy, we are glad that we can already offer you the English version.

If you are the owner or operator of a location that you think is unique and you would like to invite a film crew there, please contact us at film@ostrava.cz.


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