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23 10 2018

Six top architectural studios to participate in the competition for the concert hall

The participants of one of the most important architectural competitions in the city's history, the competition for the new Ostrava concert hall, are already known. It is going to have two rounds and should be completed next June.

22 10 2018

The university facility for Ostrava worth a billion CZK

The University of Ostrava managed to obtain European funding for the construction of a new university facility at Černá louka in Ostrava. By the Ostravice River it will build a new university facility for sports and technology and the Art and Design Cluster.

19 10 2018

Ostrava has the most modern CNG filling station in the Czech Republic

The largest and most modern filling station for CNG (compressed natural gas) in the Czech Republic was commissioned by the Ostrava Transport Company in Hranečník garages. This is another step towards the greening of public transport in the city.