Development zone for light industry and logistic

Hrusov 3The Hrušov zone covers an area of 35,07 ha and is located near the Odra River and the D1 motorway, bounded by Bohumínská Road, the Ostrava-Bohumín rail line, and the landfill site run by Ostrava’s waste management company OZO, s.r.o.


The Hrušov zone is a ‘social brownfield’; it is not a former industrial site but was previously an area of residential blocks used by workers at the local factories. These blocks functioned until the Velvet Revolution in 1989, but they were later abandoned, and the Hrušov district gradually became depopulated. The district’s decline culminated with the devastating floods of 1997.

After the floods, it was not realistic to ensure the restoration of residential development. Therefore, in 2006, the city began work on the consolidation of land to build a zone for the light industry.
It was the first locality of the city, which was not created by the occupation of other agricultural lands. After the completion of the land consolidation process, the city offered the land for the implementation of a suitable development plan. Based on the evaluation of all received offers, a purchase agreement with the investor Contera was concluded in 2018.

New function and name

Contera and TPG Real Estate plan to build industrial halls for storage and light production, space for scientific and technological purposes, as well as "Flexi-space facilities", which combine storage space with administration or retail.

The total investment should reach two billion Czech crowns. It is expected to create at least 703 new jobs as of December 31, 2028 (280 must be jobs with high expertise).

The construction of the first hall was started in February 2021 and the whole project should have three stages. Completion of the first phase is planned for the end of 2023. The project with a total area of 140,000 m2 should be finished in 2025.

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