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Ostrava seeks a CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM for one of the world’s most eagerly awaited new architectural projects!

The City of Ostrava is seeking a team of professionals to plan, coordinate and manage the construction of its new concert hall – one of the most prestigious architectural projects in the world today, which has received widespread acclaim from the architectural community, with glowing reviews in prestigious magazines such as Forbes and Architizer.

The new concert hall was designed by the renowned New York studio Steven Holl Architects in collaboration with Prague-based Architecture Acts. It is set to become Ostrava’s most prominent landmark building and an unmistakable symbol of the city, following in the footsteps of such iconic structures as the Eiffel Tower or the Sydney Opera House.

The construction project management team will oversee the entire construction process, from the preparatory stage to the building work itself. Full information – including details of who to contact – is given in the tender documentation, which can be found here: The final deadline for the submission of bids is 19 October 2020.


Ostrava has taken out a loan to fund key investments in the current exceptional circumstances

The loan of 1.8 billion CZK will enable Ostrava to cover the costs of its major investment projects from 2020 to 2023, and the terms and conditions are uniquely advantageous for the City due to the exceptional current situation. The main criterion for the City’s choice of lender was the total cost of the loan. At the City Assembly session held on Wednesday 16 September, deputies approved the contract with the Česká spořitelna bank, which submitted the best-value offer. Besides Česká spořitelna, three other major banks also submitted bids.

The banks’ interest in offering loan capital to Ostrava sends out a clear signal that the City is a strong and trustworthy partner for the financial sector, in excellent economic health and with a low level of debt. The loan capital will help the City fund major investment projects – and this in turn will boost the local economy, which has suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ostrava-Mošnov Industrial Zone set for expansion

For many years, the Ostrava-Mošnov Industrial Zone has been one of the most attractive investment locations in the Moravian-Silesian Region, as it enables investors to benefit from its strategic location directly next to Ostrava’s international airport and with easy access to the motorway and rail networks.

The Moravian-Silesian Region and the City of Ostrava are currently considering the potential expansion of the zone; this would substantially increase its capacity and expand the range of commercial, administrative and manufacturing premises available to new investors. As part of these discussions, the City and the Region have signed a memorandum of cooperation and coordination which sets out their intention to collaborate in the planning and implementation of the expansion project.

The zone is already home to several major investors from the Czech Republic and abroad (Italy, South Korea, China, Germany). The viability of the expansion plans will be investigated by a development study which will analyze the potential of the Mošnov site.

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Historic local landmark in the city centre available for sale or long-term lease

This historic building (with two above-ground levels plus a cellar) is situated in a lucrative location at the junction of Nádražní Street and Jurečkova Street in the heart of Ostrava’s city centre. It is currently in need of a full renovation. Any interested party must commit to continue the operations of the legendary “Spolek” pub, which has been a popular Ostrava institution for over a century.

The site for sale comprises a vacant plot (424 m2) plus the building itself; the total area of the entire site is 975 m2. There is also the option of long-term tenancy of the site. The neighbouring plot of land – where the beer garden is located – is only available for a long-term lease. Ostrava’s City Assembly will decide which sale/lease contract to approve based on the bids submitted. The Assembly also reserves the right to cancel the planned sale/lease if none of the bids comply with its development vision for this part of the city centre.

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Designs for the new parking garage next to Ostrava’s cathedral will be submitted by 6 renowned studios

An architectural competition is being held to choose a design for the parking garage near the cathedral in Ostrava city centre. A total 36 submissions were received. The competition jury assessed the applicants’ portfolios and selected three to proceed to the next stage. The City will also send direct invitations asking three more studios to participate in the competition, so a total of six architectural studios will submit their designs by the final deadline on 20 November.

The winning design will be announced in January 2021. This is the tenth architectural competition to be held by the City of Ostrava, and it is being organized by the City’s Municipal Studio for Urban Planning and Architecture (MAPPA). The new parking garage will have two underground and seven above-ground levels, offering a capacity of at least 300 parking spaces and including premises for shops, services and restaurants on the ground floor.

The new garage represents a further step forward by the City in its support for paid P+R (Park and Ride) and P+G (Park and Go) facilities. The aim is to alleviate the long-term lack of parking spaces in the city centre (currently there are around 2000 spaces fewer than necessary). Another parking garage (whose design was also selected via an architectural competition) is planned for the vacant lot opposite the City of Ostrava Cultural Centre – the future site of Ostrava’s new concert hall on 28. října Street. This garage will be built to a design by David Kotek of ProjektStudio EUCZ. It will offer 600 parking spaces. A further boost to the city centre’s parking capacity will be the underground car park at the Nové Lauby residential complex, with will offer 173 spaces; construction is scheduled for completion in 2023.

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Ostrava’s hydrogen future

Part of Ostrava will be transformed into a hydrogen quarter – a zone with almost zero emissions, offering an excellent environment not only for day-to-day life, but also for research and development in the field of sustainable energy. That’s the vision of a company called Cylinders Holding, which recently presented its plans to the public at the Lower Vítkovice complex.

The head of the company, Ostrava native Jan Světlík, said that the project would take around three years to implement. Světlík has also identified an ideal site for the development – the former slag-heap in the city’s Hrabůvka district, which has already undergone a complete regeneration after the closure of the local mines. The new hydrogen quarter could include homes for up to 2 800 residents.

Hydrogen technologies are also the focus of the newly created “Explorer” Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies (CEETe), which has been approved by the Moravian-Silesian Region. This new research institute, based at Ostrava’s VŠB Technical University, will focus on transforming the Region into a zero-carbon emissions zone.

One of the centre’s first tasks is to address the options for alternative zero-emissions energy sources. The results of this research will help the Region to introduce hydrogen-powered vehicles in its public transport system. The first hydrogen buses will come into service in Havířov, and in 2022 Ostrava will acquire its first hydrogen filling station – an essential requirement for hydrogen-based transport.

Source of the information on the hydrogen quarter, image: Cylinders Holding archive (Czech)

Source of the information on hydrogen transport (Czech)


Ostrava prioritizes revitalization over demolition

The prestigious magazine CZECHDESIGN has recently praised a number of projects in Ostrava which are preserving unique urban architecture and breathing new life into neglected or abandoned buildings. The author of the article Nela Kuhnová wrote: “In order for a city to promote architecture of high aesthetic quality which will meet the needs of its present-day inhabitants, it’s not always necessary to demolish old buildings and create new ones. It’s better (though much more challenging) to carry out various forms of reconstruction or revitalization of existing buildings which are either disused or actually derelict.”

Among the inspirational examples cited by the magazine is the revitalization of a red-brick villa in Ostrava’s riverside quarter known as “Little Copenhagen”. The villa is 120 years old and a cultural monument; it will now become the premises for a new riverside cultural centre.

Another site currently undergoing revitalization is Ostrava’s former municipal slaughterhouse, which is being transformed into the Plato modern art gallery. The work is scheduled for completion in 2021. The former Ostravica–Textilia department store is also being revitalized with funds from a private investor. Part of the building will become a hotel, and the remaining part will contain premises for start-ups and creative businesses.

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A new international investor has entered Ostrava’s market

Ostrava offers huge potential as a location for business service centres. This year, the French company Devoteam has become the latest international investor to arrive in Ostrava, where it is setting up operations as part of its expansion plans. Devoteam’s focus is on innovation and providing access to the latest technologies. The Ostrava branch will be tasked with implementing the ServiceNow system, which facilitates a range of activities – IT service management, HR management, customer service management, and cyber security.

Besides offering solutions tailored to its customers’ needs, Devoteam also places great emphasis on employee development. It offers its team members continuous training opportunities, including mentoring and training programmes run by leading experts in the field.

For more information about Devoteam and its current vacancies, see HERE.

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Other news

The National Museum of Agriculture opens its doors to the public in Ostrava

The first national museum to set up a branch in Ostrava is the National Museum of Agriculture in Lower Vítkovice. The new branch was opened to the public on Thursday 17 September.

The museum is situated in two former factory halls which have been converted for the purpose; the conversion was designed by the leading Czech architect Josef Pleskot and the civil engineer Milan Šraml

Visitors can explore two collections of agricultural technologies including some uniquely valuable items (such as Central Europe’s first modern plough, invented by the Veverka cousins), as well as an exhibition of food production technologies with a presentation of traditional Czech foods which will be updated every three months. 

The National Museum of Agriculture at Lower Vítkovice is offering entry free of charge until the end of October.

The new museum is not the only project of its type in Ostrava. As part of Ostrava’s Strategic Development Plan, two more museums will be created: Museum+ (the first national-level institution with its headquarters in Ostrava) and the Ostrava Transport Museum.



Ostrava is continuing to revitalize public space

One of Ostrava’s strategic priorities is to revitalize public space in the city and to reduce the number of unattractive locations. Several projects of this type are already underway, and new projects continue to be launched – all of which will contribute valuable pieces to the overall mosaic. The latest intervention in public space is at the former miners’ housing scheme at Bedřiška, a previously neglected enclave which will be transformed into a modern residential development. The City has commissioned a study which will analyze the current situation and propose which buildings should be demolished and which ones can be retained and revitalized.

Another site that is set for a complete revitalization is the park in Ostrava’s Svinov district, which currently serves as a through-route for local inhabitants. The project will include new trees, ornamental flowerbeds, water features and outdoor furniture, creating a beautiful park for relaxation and recreation.

In Ostrava’s historic city centre, the square outside the city hall (Prokešovo náměstí) will also be revitalized with new greenery and flowers, plus benches and other street furniture.


A student from Ostrava’s technical university has developed an app for smart municipal development

The “Urbido” app helps municipalities to communicate more efficiently and digitalize their processes – thus reducing costs and saving time for administrative staff. The app provides access to complete data on land and buildings, enables municipal authorities to monitor public service provision, offers a channel for group communication, facilitates the administration and official registration of public procurement contracts and other documents, boosts efficiency in project implementation, and also serves as an information portal for citizens.

The creator of the app, Michal Faltej, is a doctoral student at Ostrava’s VŠB Technical University. He spoke about the project in an interview for the Universitas magazine: “Many of my former classmates and colleagues went to work for local authorities, and I talked to them about the problems they faced there. We then consulted them about the app – so we know that it addresses the real issues that cities and municipalities have to tackle.” The project won the Award of the Rector and the Moravian-Silesian Region at last year’s university start-up fair Green Light.

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