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Offer of sites for projects to create new parking spaces

One of the most pressing problems faced by the central part of Ostrava is a shortage of parking spaces. The city currently lacks an estimated 2 000 parking spaces, and this figure is forecast to rise to 3 000 within the next ten years. Most of the parking in the central area is for residents; options for non-residents are severely limited. The City of Ostrava is also implementing traffic calming measures in the centre and the surrounding districts, and its vision is to achieve environmental improvements by promoting eco-friendly types of transport.

As part of this strategy, Ostrava aims to boost the use of P+R (Park + Ride) and P+G (Park + Go) systems by increasing the number of paid parking spaces. It has prepared a number of PARKING GARAGE PROJECTS for selected key locations, and it is now seeking investors for these projects.

The three locations are at strategic points in the central part of the city – near the City Hospital, the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour, and the Regional Authority building. All three sites are in the vicinity of major public institutions, and offer excellent road access.

The City of Ostrava’s offer to investors is conditional upon the developer respecting the prepared architectural design and all relevant documentation. For more information on the individual sites, see the City of Ostrava’s web portal


Revitalization of Hrušov brownfield launched

The developer Contera has begun preparations for its new industrial zone, which will revitalize a former brownfield site in Ostrava’s Hrušov district. The zone is forecast to generate at least 700 new jobs within 5 years.

The first phase of construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023, and the entire project (covering 140 000 square metres) will be completed in 2025. Contera and TPG plan to build not only factory-type halls that can be used for light manufacturing or storage, but also flexispace structures combining warehouse space with offices or sales premises, as well as facilities for technological research and development. The total volume of investment at the zone is expected to reach around 2 billion CZK.

Ostrava’s Mayor Tomáš Macura welcomed the investment: “This brownfield site – which used to be a residential area – will again be full of people, and I’m delighted by that. Moreover, the planned new logistics centre will not only bring 700 new jobs in logistics and manufacturing, but thanks to the office complex – which will be modelled on a technology park – the project will also create jobs with high added value. It will have a very positive impact on the entire region.”

The Contera Park Ostrava D1 project follows on from the developer’s previous projects in the Moravian-Silesian Region. In 2012 Contera completed the acquisition of Contera Park Ostrava City (formerly the Ostrava Business Park), and in 2013 it launched work on this project. In the same year it completed the first hall at the DB Schenker logistics centre.


Balanced City budget reaches record volumes

Ostrava’s budget for 2020 is the largest in the City’s history, at over 10.8 billion CZK. Of this total sum, 27% will go to fund investments; this is the City’s largest-ever annual investment budget (just under 3 billion CZK).

It is expected that this sum will be increased to around 4 billion CZK during the course of the year. There will also be an increase in the subsidies to Ostrava’s municipal districts, which will rise to 1.8 billion CZK (double the sum for 2015).

Ostrava’s Mayor Tomáš Macura emphasized that the budget sends out a clear signal to investors: “The budget for 2020 continues a trend that signals the City’s careful, responsible approach to its finances. The budget will be the largest in Ostrava’s modern history. The City is prepared for major investments, but we are also ready for any changes in economic performance during the upcoming months. Our prudent financial management has been recognized by our rating, awarded by Moody’s, which has improved constantly over the past several years. Ostrava is in the small group of Czech cities which have the highest possible rating – the same rating as the Czech Republic itself. We will continue to manage our finances in such a way that we will be able not only to handle next year’s major investment projects, but also to prepare ourselves for other large-scale investments in upcoming years, including the construction of our new concert hall.”



Subsidies for businesses to reduce energy consumption

On 2 December 2019, the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade announced a call as part of its Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness 2014–2020. The call is open to projects seeking to achieve energy savings by using combined generation of electricity and heat. It is targeted at SMEs, large companies and the public sector.

The total allocation of funding for this call is 400 million CZK. Approved projects will be able to use the subsidies to pay for construction work, technologies (including equipment for measurement and regulation in heat supply systems), long-term tangible and intangible assets, costs associated with project documentation, energy audits and engineering/design work.

Applications can be submitted from 8 January 2020 (13:00) up to the final deadline on 14 December 2020 (13:00). The project implementation must be completed by 30 June 2023.

For more information about the programme, including detailed documentation on the call, see the Ministry’s website HERE (only in CZ).


Automotive parts producer Aludyne (formerly Chassix) is expanding its production plant in Ostrava

Aludyne is a major producer of aluminium castings that are used by some of the world’s leading carmakers, including Audi, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Honda, Volvo and Ford. The company has decided to expand its production facility in Ostrava; when complete, the plant will cover 14 700 square metres, and up to 350 new jobs will be created. There will be new positions for operators, technicians, robot programmers, maintenance technicians and process engineers. One of the company’s strengths is its close cooperation with the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, whose graduates will be well-equipped to launch careers in the industry.

The company’s decision to expand its operations in Ostrava was motivated by the availability of a qualified labour force as well as excellent commercial conditions and high technological standards. After the expansion, the Ostrava facility will become Aludyne’s largest production plant in Europe.



Building work launched for the City’s new residential development on Janáčkova St. offering rented apartments

Construction has begun at the site of the City of Ostrava’s rental apartment complex on Janáčkova St. in the city centre. The block will include apartments of various sizes: one with 4 rooms (100 m2), four with 3 rooms (92 m2), and a further 21 units with 2 rooms (45–85 m2). There will be a car parking area in the courtyard of the complex, with 16 spaces. The building is designed by Ostrava-based studio KOHL Architekti s.r.o.

The building will have seven floors and 26 apartments, and construction work is scheduled to last 81 weeks; the complex should be completed by 2021.

Ostrava’s Mayor Tomáš Macura outlined the City’s plans for the area: “Ostrava is currently working on five projects for apartment blocks in the city centre, which will create 178 new rental apartments. They are either brand-new buildings or conversions of existing buildings which used to contain offices. This forms part of our efforts to revitalize the historic core of the city; one of the key preconditions for achieving our objective is attracting people to live in the centre. The entire area around the new block on Janáčkova Street is being planned in a coordinated manner; besides the apartment complex, we are also offering the neighbouring land for sale, and we’re planning to extend the access road. Nearby is the historic municipal slaughterhouse building, which will soon be transformed into a contemporary art gallery and cultural centre.”



Asental is creating new office buildings in Ostrava

Three new office buildings – making up the Přívoz Office complex – will be located in Ostrava’s Přívoz district. The project is currently undergoing an environmental impact assessment (EIA).

The new office complex will be close to the Outlet Arena Moravia, directly adjacent to the D1 motorway. The core of the new development will consist of office spaces to let, covering a total area of around 20 000 square metres. This will enable the creation of up to 2 000 new jobs. The complex will include parking for 311 cars. The three buildings have been designed around a wide urban-style street with plants and trees. Part of the buildings will also be available to let as retail premises. The four-floor structures will have terraces which can be sub-divided into a public area and a private part for employees.

The project is scheduled for completion during 2021.

Source, photo: Asental Land


We took part in the ABSL annual conference in Brno

The conference is organized by the Czech Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL). It is the largest event of its type in the Czech Republic, attracting over 500 participants every year. This year’s conference included presentations by 60 speakers, 8 workshops and visits to 6 inspirational companies based in Brno. The topics of the presentations ranged from HR development to digital transformation, innovation and smart business process automation.

The participants in the panel discussions included Dan Smith, President and CEO of Ostrava-based OKIN BPS. Smith and other guests debated the challenges and potential risks of digitalization in business. OKIN BPS is a provider of IT and telecommunications technology services, sales support, project management and customer support services.

One of the speakers on the second day of the conference was Barbora Bühnová, the co-founder of the non-profit organization Czechitas, which supports education for talented young people in the field of IT. Czechitas is attempting to boost diversity in IT, encouraging girls and women to become involved in the industry. One of its branches is the Ostrava Czechitas community, which is based at the IT Open Lab – part of the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre (MSIC).

You can download the complete conference programme HERE.


First Airbus A330 arrives in Mošnov for maintenance work

Mošnov-based Job Air Technic has received its first Airbus for maintenance work. The plane is 60 metres long with a wingspan of the same length. It is a classic long-haul craft with two aisles and a central block of four seats.

The Airbus maintenance contract represents a unique opportunity for Job Air Technic, which plans to expand its range of technical services for this type of aircraft in the future. Director Vladimír Stulančák explained in an interview for Patriot magazine: “The Aeroflot contract represents an excellent opportunity for us, as it allows us to expand our maintenance and repair portfolio to this type of craft. The maintenance will be carried out by a specialist team from Airbus itself, but our staff will assist them and gain valuable experience by working directly alongside them.”

In order to win the Airbus contract, the company needed to acquire an official certificate enabling it to use its second repair hangar – as well as purchasing the necessary equipment. But the investments will bring substantial returns for the company; whereas smaller planes are only maintained during the winter months, because in the summer they are used for charter flights, large aircraft undergo maintenance all year round.

Source, photo: ©JOB AIR Technic a.s.



Other news


Bazaly stadium re-opened after complete reconstruction

On 2 December, representatives from the City of Ostrava and partners took part in the opening ceremony for the newly reconstructed Bazaly complex. The former stadium of Baník Ostrava Football Club is now the home of the Moravian-Silesian Regional Football Academy, which was opened in September this year and helps to develop the talents of promising young footballers.

The reconstruction lasted three months longer than was originally planned due to complications that affected work on the pitch surface. During these three months the young footballers had to train at a different location, but from mid-November onwards the Bazaly complex was fully available to use.

It is excellent news that this famous sports venue is now fully operational, and will once more be used for football. Besides the academy, Baník Ostrava Football Club will also use the facilities. In the afternoons and evenings the sports hall inside the main building will be available to the general public to rent.

Besides the sports hall and three training pitches, the Bazaly complex includes a gym and weights room, physiotherapy facilities, and a running track. There is also seating for 450 spectators. The reconstruction of the complex cost a total 320 million CZK. The operating costs will be 14 million CZK.



Ostrava is improving its public spaces

One of the City’s main strategic goals is to achieve continuous improvements in public spaces throughout Ostrava. Currently there are several projects underway which are helping to transform public spaces, and the City has recently completed two projects which revitalize the Ostravice River embankments and create beds of perennial grasses and flowers at busy locations in the city.

The project to revitalize the riverside area in Ostrava’s city centre has recently culminated with the completion of its second phase, which focused on the right bank of the Ostravice River between the Sýkora Bridge and the water sports complex. On 3 December new terraces with benches were opened, offering viewing platforms. The project included plantings of new trees, beds of perennial grasses and flowers, shrubs and 780 square metres of lawns.

The first week of December will also see the completion of work on the perennial beds, as Ostrava’s Deputy Mayor Kateřina Šebestová explains: “The new flowerbeds will look excellent all year round, and they will change over time. We have planted perennials, which are able to thrive without the need for much human intervention, so there is no need for intensive maintenance. When creating the new plantings we took our inspiration from Germany and Switzerland, where a mix of perennials called Silbersommer – ‘silver summer’ – was developed on the basis of detailed research.”

A complete (and regularly updated) list of the City’s strategic projects bringing improvements to the quality of the environment in Ostrava can be found at the Fajnova website.



City representatives presented key 2019 projects at the Meat Design festival

Meat Design is Ostrava’s annual festival for interior design and applied art, and it attracts many fans of high-quality design from the Czech Republic and abroad. This year’s Meat Design provided an excellent opportunity for the City of Ostrava to present its key projects from 2019. Visitors learned about the plans for the state-of-the-art concert hall, including visualizations and a model of the winning design.

City representatives also presented the newly released City of Ostrava Manual for Advertising Placement, which aims to help Ostrava’s businesses devise more effective visual advertising without creating unnecessary “visual smog”; on 1 January 2020 a new City ordinance regulating advertising placement comes into effect. The manual is an accompanying resource which gives tips for businesses, including examples of good practice clarifying the appearance of tasteful outdoor advertising, explaining how to ensure advertising does not degrade architectural values and public spaces, and demonstrating how to simplify the process for the approval of advertising in public places.

The Meat Design presentation also showcased a new institution recently established by the City of Ostrava: its City Spatial Planning and Architecture Studio, headed by Ondřej Vysloužil. The studio launched its work on 2 October 2019 with an exhibition of the proposals submitted to the architectural competition for the new concert hall.