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What is the current situation on the real estate market in the Moravian-Silesian Region?

Industrial real estate is a major growth area in the Moravian-Silesian Region: during the last quarter of 2020, the Region showed the largest growth in the volume of industrial real estate out of all the Czech regions (24% of the national total). There are several key reasons why investors are keen to locate their future investments here.

Senior Associate in the Colliers industrial team Lukáš Svobodník explained: “… the main reason is the good supply of qualified workers. The Moravian-Silesian Region accounts for one-third of the total industrial sites under construction in the Czech Republic, and it also has a large number of areas that are prepared for future industrial development – meaning that a land use decision or a construction permit has been issued. Developers have been (and remain) very active in the Region, and this has brought a healthy competitive environment – which is a great advantage for clients compared to other Czech regions, where the range of industrial real estate is smaller. Of course, this situation is reflected in rental costs and contractual conditions.”

Mr. Svobodník added that a further advantage is the Region’s strategic location close to the borders with Poland and Slovakia, alongside its strong focus on other foreign markets – particularly Hungary and the Balkan countries. He also highlighted the support provided by local and regional government bodies, which appreciate the importance of industry: “Not only does the Region have a healthy labour market and ready-to-use infrastructure, but its political representatives are also willing to give their support to planned projects, and that sends out a clear and attractive signal to investors.”

Source, photo archive CTP Ostrava Hrabová


Hrušov brownfield coming back to life again

The brownfield site in Ostrava’s Hrušov district, formerly used as a chemical plant, will see a major change. Industrial developer GLP will carry out complete decontamination and rehabilitation of the area to turn it into a modern industrial park, GLP Park Ostrava Hrušov, creating up to 1,200 new jobs. The overall area of the park will be 94 000 m².

The industrial park will benefit from its strategic location next to D1 motorway, which connects Ostrava with Prague and Poland. It will also have excellent access to the national and international rail network.

Jan Palek, GLP Country Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, comments on the benefits of the project: “When developing a new industrial, we are always happy when we have a chance to rehabilitate an area, which was previously unused. I am pleased that our first project in the Czech Republic under GLP brand is the industrial park in Ostrava, which will help breathe new life into this former chemical plant site in Hrušov.”

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Modern business and industrial park to be created at a Vítkovice brownfield site

A current brownfield site in Ostrava’s Vítkovice district will be transformed into the new P3 OSTRAVA CENTRAL business and industrial park, a project initiated by the renowned developer and industrial zone owner P3 Logistic Parks. The challenging cleanup process is now complete, so the site is ready for construction; it will open for its first clients in 2022.

The park will be designed by the architect David Kotek from the award-winning PROJEKTSTUDIO. The design respects the unique local conditions at the site (which used to be part of an ironworks complex). It will also follow the latest trends in environmental design; the buildings will meet all standard BREEM requirements for sustainability, and new green areas covering over 130 000 m² will also be created.

Source, visualization: PROJEKTSTUDIO



Air freight volumes at Ostrava Airport are set to grow further

A second air freight carrier has launched its operations between Ostrava and China in conjunction with logistics provider EGT Express. From February, Maleth Aero will be carrying freight 2 to 3 times per week on Uzbekistan Airways’ route between Urumqi (China), Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Ostrava. The airport is also used for regular DHL cargo flights to Leipzig and UPS cargo flights to Cologne. All three logistics companies (EGT, DHL and UPS) are capable of transporting goods to the required destination in ultra-short times.

The growth of air freight services is one of the key pillars of Ostrava Airport’s development strategy, alongside passenger flights. Air freight volumes to and from Ostrava grew by 70% during 2020, demonstrating the huge strategic potential of this segment. To support this strategy, the airport will launch construction of its own air cargo hangar this year.

Ostrava Airport is a key part of the Moravian-Silesian Region’s “Great Mošnov” project, which aims to build on the City of Ostrava’s success in creating the Mošnov industrial zone by expanding logistics and service centres including full infrastructure in order to integrate road, rail and air transport. One component of this project is the OSTRAVA AIRPORT MULTIMODAL PARK, which the City of Ostrava is now building in conjunction with the developer CONCENS INVESTMENTS.

Source Ostrava Airport (Letiště Ostrava, a.s.)



Proposed revitalization of Ostrava’s “skyscraper” brings a fresh new concept

The AI–DESIGN studio, headed by world-renowned architect Eva Jiřičná and Petr Vágner, has drawn up a detailed proposal for the revitalization of the high-rise building in Ostrčilova Street that is locally nicknamed the “skyscraper”. The proposal reflects the technical options that are available when redeveloping this long-discussed site; it preserves an important element of Ostrava’s architectural heritage while also bringing fresh new elements to the building.

The redevelopment will create a highly attractive residential complex in the city centre, including a café with a panoramic viewing terrace on the top floor of the tower. The building will be stripped down to its structural skeleton. The asbestos panels will be removed, and a new central shaft will be installed, containing staircases and an elevator shaft; this will enable the building to comply with all modern fire regulations. Originally the building had 22 floors, but the chosen technical solution will enable an additional floor to be added; this new top floor will contain a café with a terrace offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city. The majority of the building will consist of 76 newly designed apartments of various sizes, ranging from 1-room studio apartments to exclusive maisonette units in the upper floors.

The City of Ostrava is now preparing for this next phase; a key step here will be to secure the involvement of a private investor. The planning documentation will be compiled in 2021 and 2022, and ideally the actual reconstruction could begin in 2023.



Moravian-Silesian Research Library moves one step closer to new premises

In February 2021 the Moravian-Silesian Research Library celebrated 70 years since its foundation. The library is currently based in the same building as Ostrava’s City Hall. It is visited by an average of 900 readers every day, but its current premises are not adequate to meet this level of demand. The infrastructure and staff facilities are also unfit for purpose.

However, the library will soon be able to relocate into brand-new premises. The Black Cube project, as the design is nicknamed, has now moved into its next key phase. The Moravian-Silesian Region applied for the necessary construction permits at the start of February. The approval process could last several months, but the Region expects to be able to announce a tender for the building contractor in the autumn of this year. The scheduled completion date should be during 2024.

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Ostrava is seeking a contractor to build a new parking garage

The parking garage at the City Hospital is one of the City of Ostrava’s key investments in parking facilities. Its location will make it ideal for both staff and visitors to the hospital, as well as for employees at a range of companies in the nearby area. It will also be used as a P+R (Park and Ride) garage offering easy access to the city centre via public transport or Ostrava’s bikesharing scheme – as well as for passengers travelling by train from the Stodolní Street station. The parking garage will have seven levels (four aboveground, three underground), and it will increase the current parking capacity at the site by more than 400 percent (from 110 to 465 spaces). It will offer 27 disabled parking spaces and 6 electric vehicle charging points, as well as parking racks for 54 bicycles. The ground floor level will contain a new pharmacy and small-scale retail units. The parking garage has been designed by the KANIA a.s. studio.

The City of Ostrava has recently announced a public tender for the contractor to build the parking garage, which will be located on the site of the current parking lot outside the Ostrava City Hospital. The deadline for the submission of bids is 4 March 2021 at 1 p.m. Construction work is scheduled to begin in April.

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Industry and Czech science centres have signed a memorandum of cooperation in Ostrava

Ostrava’s Science and Technology Centre has recently hosted a meeting of delegates from the Czech Association of Science Centres (of which it is also a member) and the Czech Association for Industry and Transport. The delegation met to sign a memorandum of cooperation.

Jan Rafaj, the Vice-President of the Czech Association for Industry and Transport, gave more details: “We will work together to raise awareness and strengthen the positive image of science centres among industrial companies – as well as jointly creating a range of mutually beneficial educational initiatives, events and activities which will be targeted at the general public. We want to raise public awareness not only of the existence of science centres, but also of the excellent quality of Czech industry.”

The cooperation will not only help science centres to promote the achievements of modern Czech industry; it will also enable innovative companies to become directly involved in the constantly evolving interactive educational content presented at science centres in the Czech Republic.

Source (report and photos) (only in Czech)



Reconstruction of another historic building at Lower Vítkovice

The historic ventilation shaft building at a former coal mine in Lower Vítkovice will be revitalized to a design by Czech architect Kamil Mrva. The modernization project will be divided into two phases. The first phase will involve the reconstruction of the existing building, and in the second phase a glass superstructure will be added – becoming one of the dominant features of the building and adding a further three levels to it.

The building will become the home of the Creative Academy, a hub for education, training and practical student placements in cultural and creative industries. The academy will integrate creative industries with education providers from primary schools to university level, and it will also work closely with a range of companies.

Source (only in Czech), source of visualization: Kamil Mrva Architects, s.r.o.



Ostrava is a partner in a unique virtual careers and job fair

The largest careers and job fair in the Moravian-Silesian Region – Kariéra+ – will be held from 10–12 March. The event is attended annually by more than 2 000 visitors. In 2021 it will not be possible to hold the event “live”, so instead it will take place online.

The VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, which is organizing the event, has prepared a fresh and original online version of it. Kariéra+ will move to a 3D online space which (like its live version) will include exhibition stands, lectures, company presentations and also a range of competitions.

This virtual event will be open not only to students, but to the general public as a whole.

A partner in the project is the City of Ostrava, which will also present itself in its role as an employer.

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Other news

Citizens will again be able to get involved in improving public spaces

For the second time this year, citizens will be able to apply for grant funding from the City of Ostrava as part of the City’s public space revitalization programme. The scheme is open to anybody with an interesting idea for improving the appearance or functionality of public spaces.

The programme is designed to be user-friendly: applicants have to simply describe their idea and send an estimated budget. There is no need to fill out complicated forms or provide elaborate documentation. The deadline for applications is the end of April. A total 3.5 million CZK has been allocated to the scheme, and the maximum funding that will be provided for any one project is 500 000 CZK.

The grant programme was set up in 2017 to support the City’s policy of improving the appearance or functionality of public spaces (or transforming existing public spaces to create new functions). Since its creation, the programme has financed 41 projects of various types, providing almost 12 million CZK in funding. This year will see the implementation of six projects that were submitted before the end of last year and have been approved for funding.

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Ostrava will again take part in the “Bike to Work” initiative this May

2021 will be the 11th year of the annual Bike to Work initiative. The aim of this popular project is to protect the environment, improve participants’ fitness and also improve cycling infrastructure in cities on the basis of data collected from those involved. The City of Ostrava will again be the local coordinator of the initiative; this year it will also contact Ostrava-based companies and encourage them to motivate their employees to participate.

Participants can use Ostrava’s increasingly popular bikesharing system when cycling to work. For the third year in a row, the system is being operated by Nextbike. In 2020 a total 55 862 people used the bikesharing scheme, with a total 669 970 journeys. This represents a record level of interest – for comparison, in 2019 a total 35 259 registered users made 434 496 journeys.

Nextbike’s main aim for 2021 is to improve the quality of the services it provides by implementing new internal processes and expanding its bike servicing team – including an increase in the number of vehicles used to redistribute bikes.

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Ostrava supports families and communities

Activities and events supporting families and communities are a hugely important part of community life. The City of Ostrava funds a range of projects which help to cement relationships and promote family or community leisure activities as well as other activities strengthening community bonds – all of which play a key role in helping people to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

The City is funding 26 family-focused projects at present; this is the largest number since the launch of its family policy subsidy programme. The City is currently offering 900 000 CZK to applicants within the scheme. The funds will go to support systematic activities by preschool, family and community centres and pro-family groups, as well as the organization of one-off events and projects by clubs and associations to strengthen intergenerational bonds.

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