Welcome to Ostrava

Primary data, population, strategic location

o ostraveThe metropolis of the Moravian-Silesian region is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and has the third largest population. It has got a very advantageous strategic position - it is located about 10 kilometres south of the Polish border and 50 kilometres west of the Slovak border. The distance from Ostrava to Praha is 360 km, to Brno 170 km, to the Polish City of Katowice 90 km, and to Vienna 310 km.There are the rivers of Odra, Ostravice, Opava, and Lučina flowing through the City.

Basic data

  • Area: 214 km2
  • Number of municipalities: 23
  • Number of residents: 306 128
  • Population density: 1500 inhabitants/km2
  • Average annual temperature: + 8 °C



Total city area

21 422 ha

Agricultural land

8 329 ha

Forest soil

2 467 ha

Water areas

955 ha

Build-up areas

2 007 ha

Other areas

7 662 ha

The territory of Ostrava is 19.657 km long in east-west direction and 20.442 km in north-south direction in a beeline


Average altitude

227 m n. m.

The highest point

336 m n. m.

The lowest point

193 m n. m

GPS coordinates of the city centre

N 49° 48' 50.689 , E 18° 14' 46.315

Climate conditions

Dominant wind direction


Average annual rainfall totals:

705 mm

Average annual temperature:

8,6 °C

Average January temperature:

-1,4 °C

Average July temperature:

18,3 °C

Peak daily temperature

37,4 °C

Lowest daily temperature

-27,3 °C