Work continues on the reconstruction of a major road in Mariánské Hory

6/2 2024

Přemyslovců Street, a major transport artery running through the heart of Ostrava’s Mariánské Hory district, is undergoing a complete reconstruction. Benefits will include improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as newly planted trees and flowerbeds that will retain rainwater and create a more pleasant microclimate. New short-term parking spaces will be created outside local businesses, improving traffic flow along the road.

Work continues on the reconstruction of a major road in Mariánské Hory

The future appearance of Závišova Street. Author: Zelený Prostor studio

This ambitious project is currently at the planning stage; it will follow on from the ongoing modernization of the sewer system. Temporary road closures will be unavoidable during the reconstruction work.

Work is currently underway to modernize the sewer network under Přemyslovců Street (affecting the section between 28. října Street and Novoveská Street), and water mains under the street are also being replaced (along the section from Korunní Street to Dr. Maye Street); as part of this project, all existing water and sewer connections to individual users will be integrated with the new water mains and sewer network. The sewer and water systems on Karasova Street have also been repaired (this did not form part of the original modernization project), and the municipal district will now carry out a full reconstruction of the street area.

Ostrava’s Deputy Mayor Břetislav Riger explained the project schedule: “After the reconstruction of the underground utilities networks, the next step will be a complete modernization of Přemyslovců Street at ground level, including a reconfiguration of the transportation solutions. We want to create a more balanced environment for all forms of transport, providing more space for pedestrians and cyclists. There will also be substantially more greenery along the street, as well as new features that will help to improve rainwater management. The project will additionally create new short-term parking spaces.

The bus stops on Přemyslovců Street will be modernized to provide fully barrier-free facilities for passengers, and the “Korunní” bus stop will be relocated closer to the municipal district authority building. The project will also create new greenery and a modern rainwater management system incorporating green-blue infrastructure. The reconstruction project will unavoidably have an impact on car transport in this part of the municipal district, requiring certain roads to be closed throughout the implementation phase (until at least the end of 2025).

The modernization of the sewers and water mains have required the partial closure of Přemyslovců Street along the section between Novoveská and 28. října Streets. This section of the road is closed completely to private vehicles, though there is still access for city buses, construction site vehicles and emergency services. A diversion route for private vehicles has been signposted; in one direction it leads along Novoveská, Sokola Tůmy and 28. října Streets, and in the opposite direction the route runs via 28. října, Novinářská and Novoveská Streets.

During the reconstruction work, bus no. 24 will be re-routed along Novoveská and Sokola Tůmy Streets, terminating at the “Hulváky” bus stop. Three bus stops (Korunní, Mariánské náměstí, Mariánské Hory) will remain temporarily out of service during the work. The replacement route uses three current stops (Vršovců, Sokola Tůmy, Hulváky), but the “Náprstkova” stop is out of service. Pedestrians can use fence-protected routes between the construction site and the buildings lining the street.

The contracted budget for the reconstruction of the sewers and water mains is approx. 104,805,000 CZK; of this total sum, the cost for the sewer reconstruction is 89,980,000 CZK and for the water mains 14,825,000 CZK. The subsequent ground-level reconstruction is expected to cost around 54 million CZK (all costs excluding VAT).

The reconstruction of the sewer system is scheduled for completion in September 2024, though work is expected to be completed sooner. The reconstruction at street level will begin in July and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2025.