Last year’s most popular baby names were Eliška and Jakub

11/1 2024

Last year, more boys (2 211) than girls (2 151) were born in Ostrava; this continued the trend from 2022. The most popular names given to baby girls were Eliška, Stela (Stella), Ema (Emma), Amálie, Viktorie, Anna, Sofie, Rozálie, Tereza and Julie. The most popular boys’ names in 2023 were Jakub (the same as in 2022), Matyáš, Dominik, Jan, Teodor (Theodor, Theo, Teo), Michal, Martin, Filip, Samuel and Oliver. 

Last year’s most popular baby names were Eliška and Jakub

Illustrative photo. Author: Ostrava City Authority

Last year brought a continuation of a trend that began in 2022, as the total number of births in Ostrava fell; there were 489 fewer births than in the previous year. The figure for 2021 was 5 419 births, followed by 4 851 (in 2022) and 4 362 (in 2023). In 2023, the Ostrava University Hospital saw the largest number of births (as it also did in the previous year). A total 86 twins were born in Ostrava during 2023.

Among the names given to baby girls born in Ostrava were some rare choices such as Šeherezáda, Roxana, Parvati, Mellissa, Marlen, Cynthie, Chanel, Rose, Lori, Manuela, and pairs of given names such as Sofie Malvína, Victorie Bella and Sanem Simona. Unusual boys’ names included Mikeš, Florián, Diego, Enrico, Bernard, Lorenzo, Xavier, Brayen, and double names such as Mateo Nicolas, Matheo Roman, Alexander Vito and Levi Daniel.

The first baby of 2024 born in Ostrava was again a boy. Gabriel was born on 1 January, just 39 minutes after midnight, at Ostrava’s University Hospital. Ostrava’s Mayor Jan Dohnal brought gifts for Gabriel and congratulated his proud mother. Among the gifts was a set of early reading books called “Bookstart”, which has been created by Ostrava City Library.