Another sports centre nearing completion

26/6 2018

At the beginning of the holidays, Ostrava will inaugurate the new part of the in-line centre "Cementárna". It is an expansion of the first phase opened in September 2014. It will include 1,600 meters of track, tennis courts, a skate park, parkour training grounds and a pumptrack. The project involved the renovation of roads and pavements, and an expansion of the parking lot built in the first stage. Added were resting places with benches, bicycle stands and trash cans. The opening ceremony is scheduled for Friday 29 June.

Another sports centre nearing completion

Both areas will offer skaters 3,000 meters of tracks, including a special 200-meter banked track. All visitors will have free access to lockers, toilets and showers. The complex will also include a shop, rental and servicing of sporting goods. Refreshments will be available in the bistro, with indoor and outdoor seating. Tennis players will have cloakrooms at their disposal.

The new skate park with a reinforced concrete shell and a surface of cement-rendered plaster has an area of approximately 1,600m². It offers an illuminated arc-curve assembly complete with concrete obstacles – Jump-Ramp, Wall–Ramp, Bank, Bowl and others.

The variable system of obstacles, rails and walls made of steel, concrete and wood with a 600 m² base impact two-layer SmartSoft surface will be a paradise for lovers of parkour – training to overcome obstacles. In addition, the materials used will simulate the urban environment that parkourists use most often.

Pumptrack is a new leisure and sporting activity. The ramp is intended for cyclists, scooter riders, skateboarders and in-line skaters.

The only paid service in the complex is fenced tennis courts with a total area of 2,592m².

There are a total of four tennis courts with Courtsol Comfort surface – ITF certified professional surface with medium hardness. Two of them are also illuminated and can be used under reduced visibility.

The area will serve the public all year round including the winter season with the possibility of cross-country skiing. It offers 159 new parking places. The total number of parking places (from both stages) is 199. As in the case of the first stage, the complex will be operated by the municipal corporation Sareza.