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Ostrava’s Hospitals: Perfect care, state-of-the-art technology

last modified Jul 09, 2018 03:19 by Stejskal René

Jul 10, 2018 06:15

The neurosurgical department of the Ostrava City Hospital started using the new Zeiss Kinevo 900 – a robotic visualization system that replaces the current operating microscope. It is currently the most advanced visualization system on the market used in neurosurgical operations, the first device of its kind in the Czech Republic.

"The new device will make the surgeon's work easier, the procedure is safer for the patient, minimising postoperative complications. The robotic assistant will allow more precise focusing on the operated body parts with limited access", said Petr Uhlig, the director of the Ostrava City Hospital.

Ostrava continues to modernize the City hospital exactly according to its plan. This concerns not only the reconstruction of buildings and new construction, but also the replacement of equipment in individual departments.

The fund for the hospital's development currently amounts to CZK 471 million.  

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