Ostrava-Hrabová plans to build its municipal centre

18/6 2018

If we disregard the large industrial zone, the City district of Hrabová consists of three parts. Although the residential estate has its own square, we can hardly refer to it as the centre of the City district. Hrabová simply has and never had its centre. And that's about to change.

Ostrava-Hrabová plans to build its municipal centre

The exact design of the city district centre can be finally completely different

This is because Hrabová is expected to continue to grow considerably. "According to territorial studies, up to several hundred houses can be built in Hrabová", says Mayor Igor Trávníček. "There will be a lot of new inhabitants, and therefore there is a growing need for cultural, social and sports activities. We do not want the new development to become a satellite town without amenities", says the Mayor.

The new centre, called the "New Heart of Hrabová", should be built around the City District Authority. It should be delimited by the Paskovská and Domovská streets, where there was a tramway track more than forty years ago. It is now certain that a new community centre will be annexed to the City District Authority, with a new kindergarten to be built behind it. What else will be built in the new centre of Hrabová, currently represented merely by the City District Authority? This is still shrouded in mystery. "We are in the process of creating an architectural design and we are preparing for the discussions with citizens", says Trávníček, the Mayor, adding that also involved in the creation of the centre are students from the VŠB–TUO's Faculty of Civil Engineering. The construction should start next year. The first stage should be finished within five years.